A Fusion of Tradition, Modernity, and Innovation

VENTUNO is a groundbreaking hospitality concept from Ramzy Group, where the allure of Italian-American New York eateries from the roaring 20s meets Amsterdam's dynamic culture. This fusion forms the essence of THE ART OF VENTUNO, a unique blend of historical elegance and contemporary flair.

THE ART OF VENTUNO has been brought to life through a pioneering concept developed together with Iconomic Network, a Brand Strategy specialist, transforming VENTUNO's space into a living canvas. Their strategic vision integrating art and technology paved the way for VENTUNO's resident AI artist, Wolfgang, whose collection, created through Artificial Intelligence, blends timeless tales with a glimpse of the future. Every artwork whispers of feminine strength and charm, evoking a rich history, culinary delights, and deep-rooted femininity.

Each piece in THE ART OF VENTUNO is also a digital NFT, blurring the lines between the tangible and virtual, making VENTUNO a nexus of tradition and modernity.

As you dine and dance, you’re stepping into a narrative, experiencing a journey. And if an artwork captures your heart? You can own it, joining VENTUNO's story in a whole new way.

Follow us at Ramzy Group to discover when our NFT program launches, opening the doors for you to become an owner of the exquisite VENTUNO art, and intertwine your story with ours in a realm where art, tradition, and technology converge.


Nocturnal Elegance

A monochromatic voyage through New York's pulsating arteries. Three sylph-like muses, cloaked in audacious attire, float in the intimate cocoon of a city taxi. Their shared glances and whispered secrets allude to the night's unspoken promises, echoing VENTUNO's allure and the electrifying possibilities that lay within.


Scarlet Temptress

Immersed in a whirlwind of fiery passion and unmatched elegance, the enigmatic muse radiates with a ferocity that defies the blackened void around her. Each feather whispers tales of forbidden love, desire, and an unwavering spirit, a declaration of the bold and daring essence of VENTUNO's spirit.


Crimson Enigma

A juxtaposition of intensity and soft allure, this beguiling figure emerges from the red-hued abyss. The intricate adornments and the ethereal feathers meld, blurring the lines between vulnerability and strength, hinting at the multifaceted narratives that flavor every VENTUNO experience.


Ephemeral Gaze

Drowning in depths of liquid clarity, the allure of her gaze beckons. Framed by the crisp lines of crystal, her poised elegance subtly intoxicates, much like the enigmatic libations served at VENTUNO, where every sip is an invitation into a world of nuanced mystery.


Timeless Radiance

Amidst a constellation of twinkling stars, she stands - the epitome of vintage charm. Cloaked in silken drapery, the delicate fizz of her flute mirrors her effervescence. In a world caught between past and present, her aura lingers, reminiscent of golden era glamour, yet firmly rooted in the now. A moment frozen, as she raises a toast to eternity at VENTUNO, where every night is a celebration of life's sparkling moments.


Noir Enigma

In the dimly lit corners of the VENTUNO Lounge, secrets whisper and legends are born. She, the enigmatic muse, stands poised in the heart of this realm. Clad in a silhouette as deep and mysterious as the night, she sips on a martini, letting the world blur around her. Her gaze, a mix of allure and challenge, beckons those daring enough to venture into her domain. A silent symphony plays, echoing tales of love, loss, and longing in this monochrome world of intrigue.


Midnight Intrigue

Under the soft glow of chandeliers, a tale of elegance and mystery unfolds. Three protagonists find themselves entangled in a web of silent conversations and hidden glances. The man, suave in his tuxedo, looks startled, as if caught off guard by an unexpected revelation. The lady to his left leans in, a seductive enigma with pearls that glisten against her ebony dress, perhaps whispering secrets of the evening. To the right, another lady in a flowing white gown, exuding an air of indifference and allure, her distant gaze and cigarette smoke telling a story of her own. Between them, a table set for a lavish dinner — a mere backdrop to their complex dance of emotions and intentions.


Oyster's Whisper

Drenched in shades of night, a siren emerges from obscurity, her gaze fixed and lips parted in silent revelation. At her throat, nature's treasures - oysters, open and inviting, echo the raw, unspoken desires of the culinary voyage that is VENTUNO. Each shell, a symphony of texture and tone, cradles stories of the deep, mirroring the profound depths of human emotion. Dive into the abyss and let the taste of the sea meet the soul.


Smokey Allure

Captured in grayscale splendor, a femme fatale stands poised and statuesque, her essence emanating like tendrils of ethereal smoke. The sultry swirls envelop her, hinting at tales of yesteryear's New York glamour and secrets whispered in hushed corridors. With every curve of her silhouette and gaze that beckons, she becomes the embodiment of VENTUNO's mystique — a timeless beauty, inviting guests to lose themselves in a world of passion, taste, and artistry.